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Students, who are under the age of 18 and have not graduated high school, may concurrently enroll at Barstow Community College as a special part-time student to supplement their elementary or secondary school education if they meet the requirements outlined in Administrative Procedure 5011. These students can earn both high school and college credit.

Only those students from the District’s service area may apply under this procedure: Baker Valley Unified School District; Barstow Unified School District; Excelsior Charter School (Barstow Campus); and Silver Valley Unified School District. Other students may petition for an exception if they reside within the service area.

Limitations on Enrollment

Students may only enroll for the following:

  • Freshman and Sophomore students may enroll in no more than 7 units.
  • Junior and Senior students may enroll in no more than 11 units.
  • Middle and lower school students may enroll in only one class.

Students may not enroll in a course unless they have availed themselves of all opportunities to enroll in equivalent courses at their schools of attendance. Unless enrolled in an approved transitional college program, students are prohibited from enrolling in the following courses:

  • Physical education activity courses
  • English as a Second Language
  • Remedial courses

Exceptions to limitations on enrollment and attendance of juniors/seniors from outside of the service area may be made by the Vice President of Student Services, whose decision will be final. To apply for an exception the entire Enrollment Process must be completed and a letter must be attached to the Concurrent Enrollment Recommendation explaining the reasons for the request for an exception. The student may only schedule an appointment to meet with the Vice President of Student Services after meeting with a counselor. Concurrent Enrollment Recommendations from outside of the service area must be signed by the principal and cannot be signed by the designee. In addition, the principal must include a typed statement explaining the criteria used to determine the student is highly gifted and can benefit from advanced scholastic/vocational work.

Eligibility for Enrollment

To be eligible to apply for admissions, the student must have a minimum high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.0. Students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average at Barstow Community College to qualify for future enrollment.

Transitional College Students:

Students participating in a Transitional College Program may only enroll in classes offered as part of the program.

Enrollment Process

Step 1: Students must complete an online admissions application. If a student is younger than 14 years of age they must request a paper application from Admissions and Records. Your application will be processed within one business day. If you attended during the previous semester you do not need to submit an application.

Step 2: Once your application is received you must complete the online orientation.

Step 3: If you will be registering in an Math or English class and you have not previously done so, you must be assessed by a counselor.

Step 4:Students requesting admission to enroll in scholastic courses must meet with a counselor; those students requesting admissions only for Career Technical Education courses must meet with the Dean of Instruction, Career Technical and Workforce Development (or designee). Parents may not meet with the counselor without the student present. The documentation will be reviewed to determine if the student has the abilities and sufficient preparation to benefit from instruction at a community college. The decision of the counselor or Dean of Instruction, Career Technical and Workforce Development (or designee) will be final. Steps 1-3 must be completed before meeting with a counselor. Students must bring the following items to the meeting:

  • High school transcript, sealed and no more than 90 days old;
  • Freshman and Sophomore students and those who do not meet the GPA requirement listed under Eligibility for Enrollment must submit a recommendation letter from the principal indicating how in his or her opinion the student is highly gifted and can benefit from instruction.
  • Completed Concurrent Enrollment Recommendation with both parental/guardian and principal consent.

If the student is approved to attend, all materials must be submitted by the student to Admissions and Records.

Step 5: The student may check the status of class approval by logging into his/her account and viewing Registration Permits and Overrides. Approval for courses DOES NOT GUARANTEE that they will be open at the time of registration. If there are any issues, Admissions and Records will contact the student via email at the email address the student provided at the time of application. The Concurrent Enrollment Recommendation should be submitted about a month before your registration period. After approval, students must login to their account and register for classes for which they are approved. Students must meet BCC course prerequisites before enrolling in a course. Concurrent students are not allowed to have any form of priority registration. If you elect to waitlist a course be sure to review the Waitlist Tutorial.

Step 6: Access a copy of your Schedule & Billing Statement. If fees appear on your Schedule and Billing Statement it is your responsibility to contact Admissions and Records for assistance in clearing the fees. Concurrent students (including non-resident) who are enrolled in fewer than 12 units will automatically have all fees waived.

Tutorials: Step by step tutorials on retrieving your B Number, viewing your Registration Permits and Overrides, registering/waitlisting for classes, viewing your Schedule and Billing Statement, etc. are available.

Step by Step Tutorials.

If you need assistance: Contact Admissions and Records if you need assistance with any of this information at admissions@barstow.edu.

Middle and Lower School Students:

For students attending middle and lower schools, the determination shall be made by the Vice President of Student Services. The school must provide transcripts and a letter signed by the principal indicating how in his or her opinion the student can benefit from instruction. The Vice President of Student Services will determine if the student is highly gifted and has the abilities and sufficient preparation to benefit from instruction at a community college, and that the student’s safety and that of others will not be affected. The decision of the Vice President of Student Services shall be final. Once a decision has been made, the student, his/her parent or guardian, and the school principal shall be informed of the decision. The determination may be done by applying one or more of the following options:

  • A review of the materials submitted by the student;
  • Meeting with the student and his/her parent or guardian;
  • Consultation with Director of Enrollment Services and/or counselors;
  • Consideration of the welfare and safety of the student and others;
  • Consideration of local, state, and/or federal laws;
  • Review of the content of the class in terms of sensitivity and possible effects on the minor; and/or
  • Times the class(es) meet and the effect on the safety of the minor.

To apply students must complete steps 1-4 above and schedule a meeting with the Vice President of Student Services. They must bring all required documents and the completed Concurrent Recommendation Form to the meeting.

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