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Please follow the links on the left for additional information regarding assessment of BCC's Course Level Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), Program Level Outcomes (PLOs), and Institutional Learning Outcomes
(ILOs, Core Competencies).

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Barstow Community College
Assessment Plan
Academic Year 2014–15 2015–16 2016–17 2017–18 2018–19
Program Core Competency
  Communication X       X
  Critical Thinking   X      
  Global Awareness     X    
  Personal/Professional       X  
Course Level
  Every Semester X X X X X
Non-Instructional Units
  Every Academic Year X X X X X
  College Status Report on SLO Implementation
  BCC Assessment Plan (Draft)
  SLOAC Handbook
  Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Report Form
  Course Level SLO Feedback
For additional information, contact:
  Nancy Nunes-Gill, Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator
nnunes-gill@barstow.edu / 760.252.2411, ext. 7234
  Penny Shreve, Dean of Instruction
pshreve@barstow.edu / 760.252.2411, ext. 7240
  Stephen Eaton, Vice President of Academic Affairs
seaton@barstow.edu / 760.252.2411, ext. 7224

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