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THE FOLLOWING RESOURCES have been assembled to assist you with the preparation of your Program Review (PR) and/or Budget Allocation Proposal (BAP).

The data required to do this year's program review and BAPs can be found by clicking the link below:

Program Review Data for 2016-2017 Fiscal Year

The HANDBOOK FOR PROGRAM REVIEW includes tips and explanations for completing the forms, as well as several helpful appendices. The BAP Scoring Rubric will lay out the criteria used by the Institutional Research Committee for determining BAP prioritization and ranking, and the Rubric for Evaluation of Program Review shows the expectations for PR reports.

The bottom row includes the forms for both the full Program Review reports and the "transitional" Annual Updates.


PR Handbook Cover PR Rubric THM BAP Rubric THM
Handbook for Program Review
(Revised 2015)
Rubric for Evaluation
of Program Review
Scoring Rubric for BAP
Thumbnail image Thumbnail image BAP Thumbnail
Instructional PR Template Non-Instructional PR Template Budget Allocation Proposal
Instructional PR UPDATE Non-Instructional PR UPDATE  

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