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A major is a field of study that you emphasize in your college education. It is what you “specialize” in with your degree. It’s important to remember that your major is what you will study at the university you transfer to.

At BCC, you can prepare to transfer into virtually any major at any university-there are literally thousands to choose from. To narrow down the options, students often begin to select their major by one of the following techniques:

  • If you have an idea of a career field you want to enter, you can find majors that are related to, or prepare for, that career field. Majors and career fields are not always “perfectly matched.” For example, to go to law school or medical school, any major may be selected. Yet, someone who wants to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), should major in Business Administration or Business economics to ensure they take the correct courses required for their license. Knowing your intended career field can help narrow your options.
  • To research possible career pathways, http://www.cacareercafe.com or you can take Intro to Career/Life Planning (PSYC 5) to help you decided your career path.
  • You can also visit the Transfer and Career Planning Center for help in deciding a career path.
  • If you know what university you want to attend, you can select from the list of majors at that university. Lists of majors at California state universities are available at www.assist.org (click on “Explore Majors”).
  • For a description of the most popular majors in California, visit http://www.petersons.com/college-search/popular-majors-west.aspx
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