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Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) is a process of education which combines work experience with regular college instruction as an integral part of the community college curriculum. It is called Cooperative Work Experience Education because it is dependent upon employers and educators cooperating to form a more complete design to develop skills and knowledge to improve self-understanding by integrating classroom study with planned, supervised work experience.

CWEE is based on the principle that well-educated individuals develop most effectively through an education pattern which incorporates work experience. Through these structured experiences in business, industry, government and human services, the students bring enrichment to their college study which enhances their total development.

There are two types of Work Experience Education Programs:

General Work Experience Education Programs. This is a supervised employment intended to assist students in acquiring desirable work habits, attitudes and career awareness. General Work Experience Education Programs need not be related to a student's specific educational goals. A maximum of six semester credit hours may be earned in general work experience education.

Occupational Work Experience Education Programs. This is supervised employment extending classroom based occupational learning at an on-the-job learning site relating to the student's educational goal. A maximum of eight units may be earned in occupational work experience education during one enrollment period for a total of 16 semester units.

CWEE credits are degree applicable and transferable to the California State University system. Credit is awarded on the basis of objectives completed and the number of hours worked. The student needs a minimum of 75 hours of paid work, or 60 hours of voluntary work, for each unit of credit. Students must have a prearranged work site. They may utilize their present work sites.


When registering for CWEE, students will initially be placed into a one unit section of:

* COOP 83 General Work Experience or * COOP 82 Occupational Work Experience

All registered students are required to:

  • Have prearranged employment/volunteer arrangements prior to enrolling.
  • Obtain a copy of the CWEE Handbook (available online. )
  • Attend the mandatory orientation meeting (see day/time/location below) at which time the student's work schedule, work position, and its relationship to the student's field of study will be reviewed by the instructor in order to determine the appropriate course and number of units in which the student will officially be enrolled. Failure to attend this mandatory meeting may result in the student being dropped from the course.
  • Sign (along with the instructor) a Units and Course Agreement Form detailing the student's major, expected work hours, and a brief description of the student's assigned job duties. The instructor will forward the form to Admissions and Records at which point the student's registration status will be changed to reflect the correct course and the appropriate number of units.
  • Submit to the instructor accurate records of hours worked. If at the end of the 9-week session the student has not completed the required hours for the assigned units, the number of units enrolled could be reduced.


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