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These courses emphasize the study of cultural, literary, humanistic activities, and artistic expression of human beings. Students will evaluate and interpret the ways in which people through the ages in different cultures have expressed themselves and responded to the world around them in artistic and cultural creation. This program requires 18 units in Humanities including a minimum of 3 units in at least three different departments from the list below.

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Humanities Programs:

Associate of Arts, Humanities

Courses Required Major Courses
Minimum of 6 courses and 18 Units from the following
  ARTS 3
ARTS1 Art History and Appreciation 3
ARTS2 Art History and Appreciation 3
ARTS3 Basic Design 3
ARTS7 Drawing and Composition 4
ARTS9 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 3
ARTS10 Painting 3
ARTS16 Freehand Sketching 3
ARTS17 Watercolor Painting 3
ARTS18A Ceramics 3
ARTS18B Intermediate Ceramics 4
ARTS18C Advanced Ceramics-Wheel Throwing 7
ARTS19 Sculpture 4
ENGL1A English Composition and Reading 3
ENGL1B Introduction to Literature 3
ENGL1C Critical Thinking and Composition 3
ENGL2 Survey of English Literature 3
ENGL3 Survey of English Literature 3
ENGL4 Introduction to Shakespeare 3
ENGL5 Introduction to Children’s Literature 3
ENGL6 Bible as Literature 3
ENGL7 Creative Writing 3
ENGL11 Graphic Novel as Literature 3
ENGL12 Survey of American Literature 3
ENGL12B Survey of American Literature II 1865-present 3
HIST1A Survey of Western Civilization 3
HIST1B Survey of Western Civilization 3
HIST8A World Civilizations 3
HIST8B World Civilizations 3
HUMA1 Humanities Through the Arts 3
HUMA4 Survey of Film 3
HUMA5 Multi-Cultural Mythology 3
MUSI2 Music Appreciation-Classical 3
MUSI3 Music Appreciation-American Music 3
MUSI4 Beginning College Choir .5-1
MUSI4B Intermediate College Choir .5-1
MUSI4C Advanced College Choir .5-1
MUSI4D Masters College Choir .5-1
MUSI5A Beginning Concert Band 1
MUSI5B Intermediate Concert Band 1
MUSI5C Advanced Concert Band 1
MUSI6A Beginning Symphonic Band 1
MUSI6B Intermediate Symphonic Band 1
MUSI6C Advanced Symphonic Band 1
MUSI7 Jazz Ensemble 1
MUSI8 Beginning Chamber Singers .5-1
MUSI8A Beginning Chamber Singers .5-1
MUSI8C Advanced Chamber Singers .5-1
MUSI8D Masters Chamber Singers .5-1
MUSI12A Beginning Piano 2
MUSI12B Beginning Piano 1
MUSI12C Beginning Piano 1
PHIL1 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PHIL2 Survey of Philosophy 3
PHIL3 Logic 3
PHIL4 Ethics 3
PHIL5 Comparative Religion 3
PHIL6 Introduction to the Bible 3
PHIL7 Pre-Modern Philosophy 3
PHOT1C Introduction to Digital Photography 3
PHOT2A Advanced Photography 4
PHOT2B Advanced Photography 4
PHOT9 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 3
RLGS1 Introduction to the Bible 3
RLGS5 Bible as Literature 3
RLGS10 Comparative Religion 3
SPAN1A Beginning Spanish 4
SPAN1B Beginning Spanish 4
SPCH1 Elements of Public Speaking 3
SPCH3 Interpersonal Communication 3
TART1 Beginning Acting 3
TART2 Theatre Appreciation 3
TART3 The Broadway Voice 1
TART4 Intermediate Broadway Voice 1
TART5 Modern Theatre Production 1-4
TART6 Intermediate Acting 3
TART12 Classical Theatre Production 1-4
TART13 Musical Theatre Production 1-4
TART13B Intermediate Musical Theatre Production .5-4
TART13C Advanced Musical Theatre Production II .5-4
TART13D Advanced Musical Theatre Production III .5-4
Total Units for Major 18
General Education Units 27
Electives 15
Total Degree Units (maximum) 60


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