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THE FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE of ongoing, integrated planning and program review is to maintain—and if possible improve—the effectiveness of every College program and service, and of the institution as a whole, based on the results of regular, systematic assessment. The ultimate beneficiaries of integrated planning and program review are our students and the community we serve.

A secondary purpose of the process is to focus available resources—staff time, budget, technology, space—on the achievement of goals and objectives intended to maintain or improve effectiveness. Achieving some objectives requires resources over and above what is available, which means that a Budget Allocation Proposal (BAP) is necessary.

The planning and program review process applies to every unit and instructional program in the College. That includes all non-instructional units in Academic Affairs, Student Services, Administrative Services, and the President’s Area. Program Review is a three-year cycle, with a full program review due in year one, and annual updates due in years two and three.

Additional information and resources can be found in the PROGRAM REVIEW HANDBOOK and on the pages linked on the menu to the left.

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