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Programs of Study
Below are Programs of Study Offered by Barstow Community College

Career Technical Education (CTE)

Barstow College Disploma

Barstow Community College offers Associate Degrees, Transfer Degree, and certificates in a broad range of fields and disciplines. Our programs range from Child Development, to Welding, to Political Science and Art History and are designed to prepare students for transfer, careers, and job advancement.

Students are encouraged to see a counselor to help select the right path for them.


Degree Programs
    Associate Degree (A.A or A.S.)
      The Associate in Arts and Associate in Science Degrees can be earned at Barstow Community College. All Associate degrees are designed to provide students with the necessary skills to compete successfully in related job markets. Completion of an Associate degree usually will not adequately satisfy transfer major requirements. Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to develop an academic program best suited for their goals, transfer institution, and intended major.
    Associate Degree for Transfer (A.A.-T or A.S.-T)
      The Associate of Arts for Transfer (AA-T) and Associate of Science for Transfer (AS-T) are new Associate Degrees designed to prepare students for transfer to the CSU system and earn an Associate Degree using the same requirements. They are intended to make it easier for CSU-bound students to successfully transfer by having universal lower-division major requirements for all 23 CSU campuses. Students can prepare to transfer to the CSU system using just one set of preparation courses for their major rather than having to meet different requirements for multiple campuses.
      In general, the Associate Degrees for Transfer offer a streamlined process for those transferring to the CSU system. There are other benefits as well:

      • Guaranteed priority admission with junior status to a CSU campus with a “similar” major;
      • GPA bump of .10 or .20 when applying to an impacted campus or major;
      • Students can receive priority admissions to their local CSU campus to a major deemed similar to the AA-T or AS-T major;
      • After transfer to CSU, guaranteed degree completion within 60 semester units at the CSU
      Associate Degree for Transfer (A.A.-T or A.S.-T):
      1. Complete 60 semester units that are eligible for transfer to the California State University, including both of the following:
        1. General Education Pattern Option B: the California State University General Education-Breadth requirements OR General Education Pattern Option C: The Inter-segmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) (In some instances the A.A.-T/A.S.-T will only allow for Option C, please be sure to check the specific TMC Template); and
        2. The Minimum degree specific semester units as required for each Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Transfer major.
      2. Obtain an overall minimum grade point average of 2.0
      3. Earn a grade of “C” or better in all courses required for the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Transfer major.

    Certificate Programs

      Certificates of Achievement
      Certificates of Achievement are programs of study consisting of 18 units or more that provide extensive preparation in the designated field. They are intended to certify that students who have successfully completed the program are prepared to enter the careers associated with their chosen certificate. They usually take at least one to two years to complete.

      Skills Certificates
      Barstow Community College also offers many programs resulting in the award of Skills Certificates. These certificates are under 18 units, and, while the local development and approval process is rigorous, they do not require approval by the state Chancellor's Office. These certificates are designed to provide the student with a brief but intense course of study in a particular area, so that he or she may develop specific skills or prepare for an entry-level position in the field. Successful completion of these programs also may certify that students are prepared with a particular set of skills, such as the job entry skills leading to a full Certificate of Achievement program, or skills to upgrade or advance in an existing career. These programs often provide advancement on a "career ladder," and are therefore of shorter duration and narrower in scope than the Certificate of Achievement programs to which they may lead.
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