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Student Clubs

Alpha Gamma Sigma: is the official California Community College Scholastic Honor Society. The purpose of this organization is to foster, promote, maintain, and recognize scholarship; to recognize scholastic and academic achievement among Barstow Community College Students; and to provide students with opportunities to serve the college and the community. Members receive recognition on transcripts, graduate with honors, scholarship opportunities, and can earn awards for community service.

AGS Constitution

AGS Membership Application

Advisor Eduardo Vasquez evasquez@barstow.edu

Phi Theta Kappa: We are the national honor society for the two year colleges. We raise money for scholarships, contribute to the community, have fellowship with students, and have lots of fun. Members receive recognition on transcripts, graduation with honors, scholarship opportunities, and can earn awards for service.

PTK Membership Application-

Advisor Rodolfo Duque, Jr. rduquejr@barstow.edu

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society National Site

Asian Pacific Islanders: The Asian Pacific Islander Club mission is to offer a safe space for Asian and Pacific Islander students at Barstow Community College to meet and network in order to educate, promote, and encourage awareness of Asian Pacific Islander cultures and traditions at BCC and within our local community.

Advisor Apineru Lealofi  alealofi@barstow.edu

Black Student Union: The Black Student Union is an organization that allows students of all races to learn about African American culture, lifestyle, and history in an intellectual, social and cultural environment. The group provides a central forum for the open dialogue of political, spiritual, economic,  and academic conditions in the black community.

Advisor Catherine Feher cfeher@barstow.edu

Callboard Performing Arts: The purpose of the Callboard Performing Arts Club is to entertain and enrich the Barstow community through various performing arts events.

Advisor Amy Ross aross@barstow.edu

Campus Crusade for Christ: The purpose of this club is to encourage Christian fellowship and to bring others into the knowledge of Jesus Christ through prayer and Bible study on campus.

Advisor Dawn Howey dhowey@barstow.edu

Cosmetology Club: Cosmetology Club enhances the knowledge of cosmetology students by allowing them to participate in additional job related activities such as field trips, trade shows, workshops, and seminars.

Advisor Claire Benson cbenson@barstow.edu

Career Technical Education: The CTE club helps outreach for CTE programs and activities and has fundraisers and other events to raise money to give back to CTE students in the form of scholarships.

Advisor Paul Courtney pcourtney@barstow.edu

Native American Club: The club's purpose is to maintain and to promote Native American culture, heritage and traditions among students throughout the college experience.to CTE students in the form of scholarships.

Advisor Gustavo Bento gbento@barstow.edu

Science Club: The goals of the Science Club are to promote scientific activities. to CTE students in the form of scholarships.

Advisor Beverly Ranney branney@barstow.edu

Veterans Club:A college wide Student Veteran Club has been launched to support connections among its members, raise awareness of student veterans and other military-affiliated groups in the greater college community. to CTE students in the form of scholarships.

Advisor Jamie Rodriguez jrodriguez@barstow.edu

Hispanic Latino Club:“The Latino/Hispanic club is a club that promotes Latino/Hispanic culture to the students and faculty of Barstow College. Our club members come from the U.S., Mexico, Central America, South America, and Spain. We are an all-inclusive club so if you would like to learn about our culture or the Spanish language, please come and join us.”

Advisor Eduardo Vasquez evasquez@barstow.edu

Scholars Club:Our club was established by current and former foster youth. We promote helping student and others in the community by volunteering our time and services. We currently have former and current foster youth in the club, as well as current and former foster parents. We also have teacher prep, psychology and sociology majors involved in our club. Our club can become very intimate so it’s important that all students and/or members that come to our group, understand that situation, are considerate of others feelings and keep information confidential in the club.

Advisor Emily De Bruhl edebruhl@barstow.edu

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